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Hayat medical college

hayat medical college is a private colloge which has quality and good education about medicine and nurse

Blue Mountain College

Blue Mountain College was founded in 1873 by Civil War Brigadier General Mark Perrin Lowrey. The 140+ year old co-educational institution has a stellar history of educating young women and men.

PESC Information Systems College

PESC College envisions to be a reputable institution recognized by outstanding quality education, research and training.

New Generation University College

The mission of NGUC is to provide quality higher education, research and community services through a superior and interdisciplinary academic programs training the new generation of undergraduates and

Central Health College

To see Ethiopia continues to develop its capacity until it reaches a level where it can bring all the communicable diseases in the country under its total control enabling the Ethiopian people to enj

2020 Open College

Welcome to 2020 Open College education for all

Addis Ababa University

The Mission of Addis Ababa University is to produce competent graduates, provide need based community service and produce problem-solving research outputs through innovative and creative education, re