8 Things Your School Won’t Tell You About Campus Life

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Many students are really excited to pack their bags and head off to university for the first time. Living life alone, free of their parents’ rules, curfews, and many guidelines sounds like heaven, and would appear like a student’s first taste of being a grown up. However, as thrilling as this may sound, there are a couple of things your school will not tell you about campus life; rather, you will encounter them as early as your freshman year. This article seeks to enlighten you as you prepare for campus life.
1. Living Conditions
Living in the university hostels is one of the greatest hardship and test for most freshmen on the transition from home to campus life not mentioning the life on campus. The living conditions, roommates’ circumstances, and campus life are the majority of the predicaments one may face as a freshman in the hostels. For instance the idea of sharing bathrooms might be uncomfortable to students who are not used to showing off their bodies.
2. Your introductory classes might be boring
Oftentimes, those introductory classes can be a case of history repeating itself. You might find yourself learning things you studied in high school. However this doesn’t mean that you skip your lecturers, rather look at it on the brighter side, studying for exams just turned out to be way simple.
3. You might not fit in right away
Like any relationship, friendship takes work, and time. Discovering your ‘crew’ will not happen overnight, and it is completely okay. You will make new friends in a natural way and you might never know when you will form an unlikely friendship; you might bond with a classmate over a lecturer you both like, or while in line at the finance office.
4. It might take a while to get over homesickness
Whether you are attending a university that is an hour from home, or in a completely different location from home, it is absolutely typical to get those pounds of homesickness. Sometimes it is the little things that you miss most, helping your mother cook dinner for the family, taking your dog out for a walk, assisting your younger siblings with their homework, etc. it might take you a couple of days to change and adjust to your new environment. Keep yourself busy and always remember your family is only a phone call away.
5. It is okay not to drink, party, and be crazy
Choosing not to drink is a personal decision, and it does not necessarily mean that you are boring by choosing not to drink. You might be surprised to find out how many other students also choose not to drink. There are many non-alcohol related activities on campus as well; for example, karaoke, movie night, or even just hanging out with your friends in the hostel.
6. You don’t have to dress up for class
You should not feel the pressure to wear 6 inch heels for your 7 o’clock class. In campus there is no specific dress code and you might actually be really surprised how people dress to class. Certainly during the weekends, it is completely okay to dress comfortably, especially during the cold weather. Comfort is important.
7. Join at least 3 clubs
Joining a club offers you a chance to meet people with similar interests as you. Your best friend or roommate might not end up being in the same club as you, which is completely okay. Join journalism club, business club, or any sort of clubs that are of interest to you.
8. Don’t walk alone at night
Always walk in groups to ensure your safety around the campus, especially at night or very early in the morning when the campus is not busy with activity.

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