Ten Strategies To Ace Your Next Exam

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Exams should not be the focus of education, but taking exams is a reality of student life. Here are a couple of tips that will ensure you ace the next exam you take.
1. Turn off internet access while studying
Many students attest that internet access is their greatest distraction; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are just but a click away. This is a temptation that is frequently too strong to resist. If you really must use the internet for your work, download the greater part of the important information at the start of your study session, then turn off your internet access.
2. Work in 30 minute blocks
Majority of students find it hard to focus seriously for over 30 minutes at ago. After every 30 minutes, enjoy a 5 minute break to unwind your brain. During this short break do not check your email or answer to your text messages, this is because these activities will excite your brain. Rather, go for a short walk or play a musical instrument.
3. If you feel unmotivated, set a clock for 5 minutes
Then resume work. Let yourself know that you will be able to enjoy a break once those 5 minutes are over. Chances are that after you have started studying for over 5 minutes, you’ll have gotten into the flow of things and will want to keep going.
4. Review your notes 24 hours of learning a new topic
In light of the way your memory works, it is important that you review your notes inside of 24 hours after a lesson on a new topic. This is the major time period within which you have to merge your learning.
5. Explain to someone else the topic you understand better
Teaching another person is one of the most ideal approaches to ensure that you understand a topic well. The ability to teach someone else a topic is evidence that you have mastered the information yourself.
6. Switch your mobile phone to silent mode, or switch it off completely
Most students also attest to the fact that their mobile phone usually interrupts them while trying to study. Hence by switching it off, or putting it on silent mode minimizes the probability of a text message or a sudden urge to play a game in your phone will deviate your attention.
7. Before starting a study session ensure that other people give you privacy
By doing this, you ensure neither your parents not your siblings will disrupt your study session.
8. Set day to day goals
It is much easier to keep track of your progress by setting daily goals. What’s more, it adds structure to your studying efforts. Set these goals the night before you intend to study, that way, you will not waste time the next day. At the end of each day, review your goals to see whether you accomplished them.
9. Praise your little successes
It is important that you reward yourself when you accomplish little victories, for instance completing your everyday goals. This will give you an added drive to keep your motivation and discipline levels high. You can celebrate by doing something you appreciate, for example, perusing a novel, eating some snack you like, or viewing your favorite television program.
10. Get 8 hours of sleep every night
Getting enough amount of sleep ensures that your goals set for the next day are doable. Thus it is of uttermost importance your body gets the amount of rest it deserves.

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