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Lucy College

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Lucy University College is among the early mushroomed generation of privately owned colleges as a result of the demanding conditions in the country. After the need assessments and observations taken the college have embarked on training students for business and administrative careers achievements. Special attention taken was to help students especially females who has a passing average G.P.A 2:00 and above in their ESLCE, or GSLCE and yet stay at home missing the computation to continue their further education. To this end our college is working with the prime objective of meeting the academic expectations of the beneficiary youth and there by satisfying the needs of the employers.

In to day’s world of technological advancement, cultural diffusion and diversity, Globalized market with sophisticated marketing techniques, have created a special business environment in which only those who acquired superior knowledge of its kind can sustain successfully. To this effect our program are designed to impart knowledge of its kind that sharpens the students competence and stand a good chance of success in the highly competitive business sector.

Our intension is not at all to gallop along with the few fast learners but devise the suitable means’s to help the slow learners develop their potential and be successful in their future endeavor. Through motivated and participatory methods of teaching we are intended to give due regard to the interest of our candidates.
Besides promoting our students to achieve academic proficiency, it is the plan of the college to encourage their desires to mature and attain confidence as complete members among their citizens. Understand and internalize the meaning of democratic way of living in the community through practical implementation of tolerance.

History tells that it is the greatest contributions of people like Thomas Edison, Leonardo Dave chi; Ernestine etc. which lead the world think in their productive ways and happen to be the most useful personalities to help the development of world attain the stage it has reached now.
By the same token, the college besides fulfilling its vision, mission and objectives to produce competent individuals also as a higher institute would encourage creativities of gifted individual citizens in the community. Regardless of their qualification help they go on their creative works to come up with tangibly use full thing of economic and social values which has the power of impetus to the development of the region and the country at large.
To day our college has expanded its service areas to three other localities Harar ,Chiro /Asebe /and Gelemsso towns .All the three college campuses are established within the ten years time since the stablemen of the first campus in Dire Dawa. The other recent one is established at a neighboring country Hargessa.
Our College is also offering short term and /or on job trainings and become fruitful.


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