7 Ways To Identify A True Friend

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As we grow older, we come to the realization that it turns out to be less essential to have more friends and more important to have genuine ones. Every now and then you think that you are really close with someone but then your relationship ends up coming to an end. It is very unfortunate to lose somebody that you once believed was a close friend to you. Have you ever felt like your friendship with someone has an expiry date? This article seeks to describe the different ways to identify a true friend.

1. You are able to trust them:
Individuals who are true friends have seen at your best as well as your worst. You must have the ability to trust a genuine friend and they should also trust you as well. Does your friend trust you? Do they ask you for advice? Do they confide in you and tell you secrets that no one else knows? These are positive signs that your friend trusts you.

2. They practice forgiveness:
Friendship isn’t normally a smooth ride. There will be times when you have disagreements; and one of the ways to identify a true friend is to be assured your friendship is not over just because you had an argument. Fighting is part of life, and can make your relationship much stronger.

3. You are completely comfortable around them:
You’ll know you have a true friend when you feel almost the same straightforwardness with them as you do with your family. You feel just as you can say, do, or be anything around them while never feeling awkward or judged. True friendships can take a while to grow, however if your friend is true, they ought to feel comfortable around you and vice versa.
4. They are loyal
True friends are reliably there for each other. When you are in need of some assistance, your real friends ought to be there to give it to you. In the midst of a fight a real friend will stay faithful and won’t reveal your secrets.

5. They push us to be more accepting of ourselves
Real friends lift us up whenever we are down. People feel much better about themselves when they have supportive, encouraging and close people in their lives. A real friend boosts your self esteem, and at the same time helping a friend feel the same way about them makes you feel better.

6. They really listen
Conversations with real friends are not one sided. Having the ability to have an open two way conversation with someone makes your friendship stronger. People who are good listeners validate other people’s feelings.

7. They make your friendship a priority
One of the things that really makes tightens a bond between true friends is when both individuals make their friendship a priority. If you do not make time to be with your friend, it can hinder the growth of your friendship and one of the major reasons why friendship fail. Real friends make time for each other.

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