How to Get a Job in an Ethiopian University

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Ethiopia is rated as one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, thanks to its stable leadership and thriving economy. The Ethiopian government has invested heavily in higher education; hence, the need to source qualified teaching personnel from outside the country.

What are the benefits of getting a job at an Ethiopian University?

  • Contracts usually last two academic years and are renewable on mutual consent
  • Paid yearly vacation in your home country
  • Tax-free salary
  • No limit on amount of funds repatriated
  • Friendly working environment

Are you wondering how to get a job? You can check several places, like:

  1. Online platforms like Ezega, Employ Ethiopia and Career Jet
  2. Local newspapers like the Ethiopian Herald, Ethiopian News, New Business Ethiopia, NTA Newstime, and Sub Saharan Informer
  3. Overseas job portals like Go Abroad, Linked In and Overseas Jobs
  4. Make sure that you follow the instructions on how to apply for the job carefully.

Work Permit

As you make plans on how to get a job in an Ethiopian University, you must note the following:

  • Any foreigner who intends to work in Ethiopia must get a work permit.  The permit is given to the employee for a specific type of work for three years, and should be renewed every year.
  • The work permit is issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
  • Foreign nationals may also be appointed to government jobs on a temporary basis, provided there is no Ethiopian national who can hold the position. This policy usually applies to posts that require high-level professionals.
  • If an individual is a foreign national of Ethiopian origin, or is a member of a diplomatic mission, a work permit is not required.

Requirements for a Work Permit

  • Four copies of the application form issued by the employing organization – in this case, the university
  • Photocopy of the employee’s passport and a valid business visa
  • Five recent passport size photos of the employee
  • A support letter from the immediate supervising government organization
  • Relevant educational certificates, and evidence of work experience
  • A support letter from the Ministry of Education, if the employer is in the Education sector
  • The work permit service fee of 600 Birr

Work permits must be renewed yearly. Below are the requirements for renewal:

  • Two copies of the work permit renewal application form
  • Support letter from the project implementing government organization
  • A photocopy of the employees residential permit
  • The employee’s work permit card (if the work permit card is full, a passport photo of the employee will suffice)
  • Support letter from the Ministry of Education (for those employed in the Education sector)
  • Service fee of 500 Birr for processing the work permit renewal

To replace your work permit card if it is lost or damaged you require:

  • An application letter for replacement of the work permit, gotten from the employing organization
  • Evidence from the police proving that the work permit is lost
  • The work permit replacement fee of 400 Birr

There you are – all the information you need on how to get a job in an Ethiopian University. Now go ahead and apply! All the best!

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